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Screenshots of Kelimelik
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Description of Kelimelik (from google play)

★ By logging in with your Facebook account, you can invite your friends to the game and play mutually with your old and new friends.

★ If you wish, you can also play games with random players and make new friends.

★ You can chat with the other person while playing the game.

★ With PRO membership, you can turn off ads, automatically calculate scores, open serial games, increase the number of games that can be opened at the same time, get detailed statistics and different pro views. In addition, we are gifting the letter table feature to PRO members and turning on the 10-person friend list feature.

★ With automatic score calculator, you can calculate your score automatically instantly.

★ With the series game option, you can open a game with a move time per minute.

★ You can find out how many of which letters are left with the letter table.

★ With the friends list, you can add the people you frequently play with and reach them easily.

★ You can change your profile frame color with colored frame.

Our game is constantly being developed in line with your requests. You can send all your suggestions and criticisms to iletisim@he2apps.com and follow our accounts at https://facebook.com/KelimelikOyunu and https://twitter.com/KelimelikOyunu.

In our game, we take the Turkish Language Association Current Turkish Dictionary as a reference. You can access this dictionary at https: // https: //sozluk.gov.tr/ and check our words.

In order to cover the word server costs, it provides income from the advertisements in the game. We apologize for the inconvenience to you, our players, with the advertisements we broadcast.

If you want, you can purchase PRO membership using in-game purchases, this way you can get detailed statistics by turning off ads and getting features such as opening 50 games at the same time. We provide our PRO members with the score calculator, series game, letter table and color frame for free and allow them to use the 10-person friend list.

You can follow us through the following channels to reach the latest announcements about our games:

Web: http://he2apps.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/KelimelikOyunu
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KelimelikOyunu
E-mail: iletisim@he2apps.com

All our users who download our Kelimlik game and log in to the game by creating a membership are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the provisions of the "Word Membership and Usage Agreement". You can access the Kelimelik Membership and Usage Agreement document at the following address:

All Rights Reserved. 2013 - 2020 He2 Apps.

Version history Kelimelik
New in Kelimelik 7.3
* The option to unlink Facebook has been added to the Settings screen.
* Time information has been added to the move history.
* Game list score display bug has been fixed.
* Some visual issues have been fixed.
New in Kelimelik 7.2.2
* IMPORTANT: The booting problem seen on some devices has been resolved.
* Score display has been added to the ongoing game list.
* Notification sound setting fixed. Notifications have been made to work according to the system volume.
* Improvements have been made regarding battery consumption.
* Price display problem in the market has been fixed.
New in Kelimelik 7.1.1
* Added confirmation option before sending moves. (To Settings section)
* Errors related to hanging stones have been fixed.
* Screen recording error has been fixed.
* Word Coin display error has been fixed.
New in Kelimelik 7.1
* Keyword winter theme is now available.
* Some bugs were fixed, improvements were made.
New in Kelimelik 7.0.11
* The texts on the chat screen have been enlarged, the emoji display has been improved.
* Message copy feature has been introduced to the chat screen. You can copy the message by long pressing or double pressing.
* Some bugs in statistics screen have been fixed.
* Facebook connection problems have been resolved.
New in Kelimelik 7.0.10
* Performance improvements have been made.
New in Kelimelik 7.0.7
* The problem with purchasing timed products has been solved.
* The error related to the dictionary symbol has been fixed.
* The problem of changing letters has been solved.
New in Kelimelik 7.0.6
* Problems such as stuttering and freezing in some devices have been resolved.
* The problem with the gift wheel has been fixed.
New in Kelimelik 6.3.2
* Return to the original theme.
New in Kelimelik 6.3.1
* The in-game score display has been moved to the top of the screen.
* The issue of sudden popping up of full page ads has been resolved.
* Ads have been removed from some pages.
* Performance improvements have been made.
New in Kelimelik 6.3
* Ramadan theme added.
* Some bugs were fixed and performance improvements were made.
New in Kelimelik 6.2.1
* NEW FEATURE: Screen Recording. With the "Screen Recording" option under the "More" menu in the game, you can save a move you find when it is not your turn, so you can easily remember when it is your turn to move.
* "Share" option has been added to the league result screens.
New in Kelimelik 6.1
* A new participation option with limited number of games has been added to the Super League.
New in Kelimelik 6.0.8
* Our game has been opened faster on some devices.
* Bugs have been fixed.
New in Kelimelik 6.0.7
* Our new winter themed badges have been added to the Market section.
* Some bugs fixed.
New in Kelimelik 6.0.6
* It's winter for the vocabulary images.
* Improvements have been made to make screen transitions faster.
New in Kelimelik 5.3.4
* The problem of ads being displayed in the wrong place has been fixed.
New in Kelimelik 5.3.1
* Fixed an 8x8 display error on the Settings screen on tablets.
* Fixed some overflow issues in list impressions.
New in Kelimelik 5.3
* Images of our game have been updated according to Ramadan theme.
New in Kelimelik 5.0
* Activity System added. You will be able to earn many time gifts and events badges with special events.
* In the Settings section, you can select your active badge.
* Updated game images.
New in Kelimelik 4.5.6
* Some errors have been fixed.
New in Kelimelik 4.5.4
* Ramadan update 2018
* Great discount during Ramadan! PRO membership Ramadan special for the month only 8.99₺
* The visual problem in the Market list has been fixed.
New in Kelimelik 4.5.2
* New spring theme.
* Purchase of the purchase of the Hope Forest wood rosette.
* Badge closure option added to the settings screen.
New in Kelimelik 4.5.1
The "Show Invalid Word Score" option was added to Settings.
New in Kelimelik 4.4
* New year surprise gift song! * New year interface. * The letter disappearance problem has been solved. * Performance improvement was done.
New in Kelimelik 4.3.7
* Fixed an issue with autocomplete on the keyboard.
New in Kelimelik 4.3.6
Opening error was updated.
New in Kelimelik 4.3.5
Arranging about waiting for the game (black screen problem).
New in Kelimelik 4.3.2
* Issues with notifications have been resolved.
New in Kelimelik 4.2.1
* Facebook connection problem solved. * Fixed the problem with the notification when you go to the newly opened game. * The number of games we have in the active games list has been displayed. * Some error cases related to the invitation list have been resolved.
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